Renesas Synergy? Development at First Time

Renesas Synergy? Introduction Support Site

This site is the introduction preparation support site for the customer who want to try  Renesas Synergy?.

The commentary with animation about the flow from initial introduction to real development start, are summarized as plain as possible.

Such as getting place of major document, the technical information to help the  question solution at the time of the development, the link to community site and etc., are collected.

Please make use as the entrance to introduce Renesas Synergy? at first time.

Renesas Synergy

Flow of Renesas Synergy? Development

Step 1

At first, the software obtain

All of Renesas Synergy? software and tool are provided on WEB site.

  1. My Renesas registration
  2. Renesas Synergy? gallery registration

After both registrations finished, customer can obtain the software and the development environment immediately.

1. My Renesas registration

At first, register to My Renesas.

Only simple information such as e-mail address, customer name and the contact information, customer can complete the registration immediately.

Register to My Renesas here

2. Renesas Synergy? gallery registration

In the state that logged in to My Renesas, scroll to the downloading section of the Synergy Software Package which is middle section of the page, then click the button of  "Install the integrated installer". When initial downloading, shift to Renesas Synergy? gallery registration window. In this registration window, your registration information of My Renesas is already reflected, so that customer only add English first name & family name, export management, then all the registration are completed. Of course, no charge require for the registration and downloading.

Step 2

Acquisition of the evaluation kit

After the user registration completed, customer can start the actual evaluation and development, if customer get the exclusive development kit. We prepare the development kit, such as Starter Kit(SK), Promotion Kit(PK) and Target Board(TB) which are usable as easy trial of Renesas Synergy?, Development Kit(DK) which are usable for full-scale development, and Product Examples (PE) which are apply able actual apparatus development. customer can select depend on your purpose. For beginner, S7G2 Starter Kit [SK-S7G2] is recommended. The purchase can be made at web shop.

For the initial evaluation or try to use Renesas Synergy?, we recommend:

Starter Kit(SK) / Promotion Kit(PK) / Target Board(TB)

For full-scale operation/performance evaluation and development, we recommend:

Development Kit(DK)

For applicable to actual apparatus development, we recommend

Product Examples(PE)

Step 3

From evaluation to the actual development

At this point, all preparations are completed. Install the software and each tool to PC, then try to run the development kit using them.