Micropower Voltage Reference Eval Boards


The ISL21010xxEV1Z evaluation boards are designed to measure the performance of the low dropout voltage ISL21010 voltage reference. The reference comes in a wide selection of output voltages ranging from 1.024V to 4.096V, and an initial accuracy of 0.2%. With a typical temperature coefficient of 15ppm/°C and 25mA output current source capability, the ISL21010 family is ideal for general purpose industrial applications.

The evaluation board includes voltage input test points (VIN and GND) for a power supply input, as well as a pair of test points for the output (VOUT and GND). Additionally, a jumperable R-C damper network can be connected to VOUT (J1), and R2 accepts surface mount or through hole style resistors for the output load testing.

Key Features

  • 10μF Bypass Capacitor
  • 0.1μF Bypass Capacitor
  • 0.22?F Load Capacitor
  • 10?F Damper Capacitor
  • 2.21k? Damper Resistor
  • DNP Optional Load Resistor
  • ISL21010 Voltage Reference
  • DNP Damper Jumper


  • Battery Management/Monitoring
  • Low Power Standby Voltages
  • Portable Instrumentation
  • Consumer/Medical Electronics
  • Lower Cost Industrial and Instrumentation
  • Power Regulation Circuits
  • Control Loops and Compensation Networks
  • LED/Diode Supply

ISL21010xxEV1Z Voltage Reference Eval Board

ISL21010xxEV1Z Voltage Reference Eval Board

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