Renesas 的简单数字电源模块为 FPGA、ASIC、DSP 和微处理器提供可靠的电源。其利用了数控电源的优势,同时无需在非易失性存储器中存储操作参数。配置通过引脚设置电阻选择来执行,而 PMBus 接口也可用于运行期配置和遥测。


  • Renesas 专有的 ChargeMode? 控制架构可响应单个开关周期内的瞬态负载步骤,减少输出电容、成本和板空间。它还省去了外部补偿组件,并适应外部无源组件的老化。
  • 先进的 HDA 封装技术可在广泛的操作温度范围内提供优异的散热性能,无需气流或散热器。
  • 在线设计支持工具,包括 PowerNavigator?、PowerCompass? 和 SIMPLIS 模型,开发和优化快速上市动力系统。

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RAA210xxx Family Key Differences

Part Number Description VIN Range (V) ???VOUT Range (V) ???IOUT Range (A) Pin-Compatible Full Digital Power Module Device
RAA210825 25A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 25 ISL8277M (25A)
RAA210833 33A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 33 ISL8278M (33A)
RAA210850 50A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 50 ISL8272M (50A)
RAA210870 70A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 2.5 70 ISL8273M (80A)
RAA210925 25A/25A DC/DC dual channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 25/25 ISL8274M (Dual 30A)

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Simple Digital Power Modules

The easy-to-use RAA210xxx simple digital power modules offer telemetry, configuration, and highest power density and efficiency for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and memory.


The PowerCompass? tool helps you start your design in the right direction, giving you tools to find Renesas parts that match your requirements, set up multiple rails if needed, perform high-level system analysis and generate reference design files.

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