Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boost Converters

Renesas has many options for DC/DC converters, controllers and regulators with buck, boost and buck-boost topologies.
Buck Converters

What is a Buck or Step-Down Converter?

A buck converter, also known as a step-down converter, is a DC/DC power converter that provides voltage step down and current step up. The converter reduces the voltage when the power source has a higher voltage than Vin. A buck converter generally provides the most efficient solution with the smallest external components.

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Boost Converters

What is a Boost or Step-up Converter?

Boost converters, also known as a step-up converters, are DC/DC power converters with an output voltage greater than its input voltage. The driver boosts the voltage of the power source that is less than the Vin.

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Buck-Boost Converters

What is a Buck-Boost Converter?

A buck-boost converter generates an output voltage either greater or less than the input voltage. The advantage of using a buck-boost solution is regulating the output voltage over the full power source voltage range. Buck-boost converter solutions usually have lower efficiency and a larger footprint than buck converter solutions.

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